This blog is were I post sexy ladies, some are of me. I'll tag those.

My idea of sexy is my own option, so please no rude comments. Feel free to submit photos in the submit box.
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I’ll be online literally all day tomorrow. My score is looking good and we should be at 5k by my birthday if everything keeps going this smooth ^.^ I can’t wait to cam with some girls in Texas! I won’t be on a lot, but I do plan to cam 4 out of the 7 days there ^.^ 

go watch her tomorrow

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Anonymous asked: How would you feel if somebody buying your full-length videos posted them online for stream/torrent for people to download for free?


well i mean of course im gonna be irritated but they gotta know that those things are pretty easy to find and i can sue them for copyright infringement and most sites will not only remove that shit immediately once the owner makes a claim, but they usually ban the uploader from the site

idk it just seems pretty ridiculous to
go through all of that just because you were an asshole

warning for any one thinking about being an ass hole


Jinkies a Sale!!!

I am shipping all my prints on Monday. Buy yours before Friday to get yours by the end of the month! ;)

Power Girl, Velma, Harley Quinn, Joker and Black Cat available.

All prints from my Storenvy are signed. Put a personal message in the notes if you want it personalized. 💋

Thanks Puddins!! ♦️💋

Any one wanna get my a Harley Quinn ;)